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Getting tested with Tata 1mg Labs?

Here's what to expect

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    Our health advisor helps you choose the right health tests and schedules it at your preferred time.

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    Our well-trained phlebotomists are assigned to visit your home for on-time & hygienic sample collection.

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    The collected samples are transported to Tata 1mg Labs maintaining the temperature & integrity of the samples.

  • TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

    The sample is processed with highly validated and standardized test procedures following CLSI (Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute) guidelines.

  • TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

    Your report goes through a 3-step review process by a team of highly experienced doctors & lab scientific officers. The report is sent to your registered email ID within the stipulated time.

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    Post report generation, you can avail Free Doctor Consultation on our portal from our experienced team of doctors.

Ensuring accuracy in every single report

Following a 3-step review process:

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Advanced systems & cutting-edge technology analyze results with precision

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Experienced lab experts and technicians conduct comprehensive reviews

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Each report undergoes rigorous medical scrutiny & is signed off by a doctor

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Customer testimonials

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Professional Service

Really satisfied with the overall experience. The phlebo came to my home at a designated time slot. He was tidy and followed all safety precautions. I was worried about sample collection initially but phlebo was very professional and made it easy for me.

-Aradhya, Delhi

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Free doctor consultation

I booked comprehensive full body package at Tata 1mg. My HbA1c levels were highlighted in the report but I didn't know what to do with these values. Then I opted for free doctor consultation on 1mg app & doctor advice really helped me to take the right action. If you are booking any test or package, I recommend you take the free consultation with it.

-Shantanu Shukla, Mumbai

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Excellent Service

I had a great experience with Tata 1mg. Right from booking tests online to getting reports on the app, everything was flawless. Special mention about the phlebotomist who came for sample collection. He was very professional.

-Vivek Kushwaha, Noida

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Speedy Report

I would like to appreciate Tata 1mg service and speedy report delivery. I have to travel and need a RTPCR report urgently. I found Tata 1mg on the internet, booked the test for 2 pm and got the report in less than 24 hours.

-Abhinav Mishra, Hyderabad

TATA 1MG - Certified Labs

Report came in time

I booked good health package at TATA 1mg and got the reports in time. They kept their promise. Really happy with the service 👍

-Payal Mahajan, Gurgaon

Terms and Conditions

  1. By submitting the form above, you are allowing Tata 1mg Health Advisors to call you back at your convenient time.
  2. Our health advisors will understand your diagnostics testing requirement & help booking the right test or package for a convenient date & time.
  3. Once a booking is done, a well-trained phlebotomist (sample collector) will be assigned to visit you on your chosen time and address for collection of sample.
  4. Your sample will then be transported to the nearest Tata 1mg facility maintaining the integrity of the sample and will be centrifuged before sending to the lab for processing.
  5. After the testing, a report will be generated and sent over your registered email id. The report can also be downloaded from Tata 1mg App or Web portal
  6. Post report generation, you can avail Free Doctor Consultation on Tata 1mg App or web portal from our experienced team of Doctors.
  7. Tata 1mg reserves its absolute right at any time to add, alter, withdraw, modify or change or vary any or all the terms and conditions of the offer at its sole discretion and the same shall be binding on the customer at all times
  8. By submitting the form above and entering your phone number you agree and allow Tata 1mg Healthcare Solutions Private Limited and / or its health providers to (1) call you back inter alia for promotion purposes, offering discounts, other service delivery related issues and/or to assist you in fulfilling your diagnostic test requirement(s). You also agree and allow us to (2) send you (a) text notifications, (b) text marketing offers and (c) health checkup reminders